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Find enough gold to build a fine shiny space-suit.
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Action Games
Claque Beignet
Play Claque BeignetYou are an alien with sensitive hearing. Singers can cause your death. Use your claque beignet machine to slap them to death before their singing kills you.
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Shooting Games
Ball Shooter
Play Ball ShooterGame Info:
shoot the balls
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Skill Games
Play 1-iCollect of all the green blobs
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Puzzle Games
5 In A Row
Play 5 In A RowMatch tiles in sets of five.
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Sports Games
Surf's Up
Play Surf's UpSurf for all you're worth. Pull off jumps & spins to earn points.
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Flying Games
Lunar Command
Play Lunar CommandSave the lunar population by protecting the moon base from a vicious alien attack.
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Classic Games
Space Invaders Classic
Play Space Invaders ClassicDestroy your enemies before they reach your bases! Don't shoot your own bases, and avoid enenmy bullets.
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Casino Games
BlackJack Solitaire
Play BlackJack SolitaireDrag cards from the cells, to the columns.
Cards are removed from columns when that columns' total value equals 21.
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Racing Games
5 Miles 2 Go
Play 5 Miles 2 GoOnly 5 miles to go in the race. 5 cars in the "front pack" with same speed, same horsepower are fighting for the lead!!!
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Side Scrolling Games
Attack of the Fever Heads
Play Attack of the Fever HeadsCleanse Sealab of Green Fever!
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Memory Games
Play 12manyCount the stars before they go away, and quickly enter the number you counted!
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NES Games
Super Mario Brothers
Play Super Mario BrothersDu bist Mario! Gehe durch die Levels und zerst?re Deine Feinde indem Du auf Sie springst!
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